What is A.M.D.G.? 


AMDG, the motto for the Jesuits, in latin is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam meaning for the greater glory of God.  When we are living our truest self and living as God calls us to be, we give glory to God.  Joining an A.M.D.G. is about growing into your most authentic self as a follower of Jesus.  We encourage you to be real with yourself, your emotions, and with your group as you journey together as a community.  We pray and hope that this experience will help you live your life for the greater glory of God.

What is the commitment?  

Each group is an intentional community that commits to meeting weekly together for community, prayer, and service.  This models our definition of a missionary disciple in the following ways:

RECEIVE God’s love through a welcoming community

REFLECT on the life of Christ through shared prayer for and with each other

RESPOND with the Holy Spirit to the needs of the poor and marginalized in service and justice 

Each community night will rotate through the three different sessions of discipleship.  Each group will commit to attending the community nights each week along with a practice of daily prayer, attending Sunday mass, and being open to grow in your faith.  Each member belongs to each other and we seek these places to not be just a drop-in session but rather a space for an authentic faith-based community.  

What types of groups are available?

  1. Men’s Group (Tuesdays 7-8pm)  This will be space for brotherhood as men gather to grow together and encourage each other in their faith.
  1. Women’s Group (Tuesdays 7-8pm) This will be a space for sisterhood as women gather to grow together and encourage each other in their faith.
  1. Mary & The Lives of the Saints (Fridays 5-6pm) This will be a space for students looking to learn more about Mary and the lives of the Saints.  Specifically, the first semester will focus on completing a consecration to Mary as well as Marian prayers and devotions.  The second semester will focus around the lives of the saints and how we can pray with them.

Who leads the AMDGs?  

Student leaders have been selected and/or requested to launch a community this year.  Each group has two co-leaders who will facilitate communication among the group and collaborate together to design community nights that are most beneficial to the needs of the community. 

Where will the community nights take place?  

Each group will host their community nights at the location of their choice.  You will receive details of the location upon registering officially but we will have the kick-off at St. Mary.  

When will groups begin hosting community nights?

We will begin October 12th at 7:00pm in Newman Hall. 

Why register?  

Although one can grow in their faith individually, we need a community to share life with as we live out our faith.  Pope Francis often mentions that we are saved as a community.  We want to offer spaces for authentic Christian discipleship that can grow as you share testimonies of faith and lift up one another through the joys and struggles.  You belong and we want you to encounter God through these amazing communities of faith.  

Can I register throughout the year?

Yes!  You may register at any-point and join one of these communities!  

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