What is an A.M.D.G.?   AMDG, the motto for the Jesuits in Latin, is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, meaning “for the greater glory of God.”  

Joining an A.M.D.G. is about growing into your most authentic self as a part of an intentional community.  AMDGs are intentional faith communities led by students and designed completely for student needs and interests.  Groups meet 3 times a month for community, prayer, and service.   Students will learn how to live their faith authentically as a part of a community in these three sessions:  

Receive God’s love as a part of a community

Reflect on the life of Christ through prayer

Respond with the Holy Spirit to the needs of the poor and marginalized through service

To learn more, or to join or start an AMDG student faith community, contact Brian Cerabona, at bcerabona@smspnewman.org