“Rampant capitalism has taught the logic of profit at all costs, of giving to get, of exploitation without looking at the person… and we see the results in the crisis we are experiencing! [The Church] is a place that teaches charity: it is a ‘school’ of charity, which instructs me to go and encounter every person, not for profit, but for love.” –Pope Francis

Alternative Spring Break enables undergraduate students to reach out beyond themselves and encounter others living on the margins through service and learning. We go to listen and learn. Each trip is different and will focus on the social injustices affecting each community. Through community, solidarity, and mutual giving, you will experience the love of Christ active in the world and in the people you meet. You will work hard, make friends, have fun, and be transformed for life.

Alternative Spring Break is for undergraduate students interested in serving others, willing to work, meet new people, share experiences, and have fun!

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