Our Catholic & Jesuit heritage is steeped in tradition – one of the oldest among these is the offertory collection. During the early years, parishioners gave a portion of their yield to the church. As times changed, the offering changed to coins, paper money, and checks.

Today, the tradition of the offertory collection is changing once more. Working with My Own Giving, a safe and secure online donation system you control, you can donate online! Set up an account to manage repeated giving, or simply use the quick give feature for donation without registration. No more missed Sunday collections or special donations. You have at your finger tips the opportunity to always be there to support St. Mary.

Online Giving Can Benefit You!

  • Eliminates the need for writing checks
  • Choose a payment option that works for you—debit, credit card, savings account, or checking account
  • Convenient when traveling—you can still donate while away from home
  • Easily adjust amount of recurring donations
  • Schedule donations to fit your financial schedule
  • Full donation history online
  • Receive e-mail reminders of scheduled donations prior to account deductions
  • Receive e-mail receipts for all donations processed through My Own Giving

Online Giving is Safe & Secure

  • There is no parish access to any parishioner account information, only email, address and giving history can be accessed.
  • Secure access environment for parishioner activity.
  • Account information is encrypted immediately using 128 bit encryption.
  • No escrow holding account, contributions are processed daily.
  • No paper forms to store or secure.