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Beautiful Tensions
Over 150 people attended the premiere of Beautiful Tensions at the Michigan Theater. This documentary was created by the St. Mary's interns and considers how faith impacts their lives at the University of Michigan while exploring the beautiful tensions that arise from pursing faith, a college degree, and finding God on a college campus. Engage with the beautiful tensions in your faith through the #faithoncampus or #beautifultensions on our instagram, facebook, or twitter.

Celebrate 90!
We are shaped by our stories. Celebrate with us by sharing your story on our "interactive" 90 in the atrium. Or share your St. Mary's photo on facebook or twitter with the #90yearsin90days. Each day on facebook & twitter we post a bit of our history through a photo, story or video. And each week, we feature a story celebrating our community.

This week's feature story, It's Like Praying Twice 

March Match Madness-Thanks to You, We've Reached Our Goal, and Then Some! 

Ignatian Spirituality 
Listen to a guided Daily Examen by Dan Dixon nSJ here. 


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